Sunday, June 14, 2015


one of my favorite brands to collaborate with is the italian clothing company Subdued. I was so excited to go to their showroom & see their new collection! They understand my laid-back lifestyle to a T. When road tripping to new places, I like to be as comfortable as possible…but with a touch of "Michelle" to the outfit...

  Traveling to Crystal Cove, I threw on my two piece set, grabbed my denim Subdued button up, faux leather booties, & a hat & I was out on the road in no time! What I love about Subdued is that they cater to all types of girls with their designs and use of fabric choices. Click HERE to shop their new arrivals!

As for a personal life update, I currently dropped a ton of hours at a 9-5, to have more time to explore & focus on growing creatively. What I have learned in this short time of road tripping, is that I don't have to travel to another country to grow (don't get me wrong I would love to) but sometimes you can find the best locations only a few hours away. I think this yellow surf shack will be my new home very soon!
Stay tuned for another collaboration with Subdued very soon! #subduedgoestoUSA

Photography: Katie Rike

Denim Button Up: Subdued
Top: Subdued
Skirt: Subdued
Booties: Forever 21
Hat: Forever 21

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  1. I just found you're blog and I am in love with your style, I think it is pretty similar to mine! Can't wait for more posts!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane