Tuesday, October 13, 2015


There is nothing more that I love than a pretty sunset...*scratch that ; there is nothing more that I love than a laced up blouse! Yes, I am following the latest Fall trend religiously. Anything that laces up, I own. Shoes, tops, skirts, pants; the list is endless! This trend is making a huge wave and I hope it does not go away anytime soon. This blouse from Mixology is a perfect staple piece this Fall season...

  I was so excited when I received this top, because the options with styling this piece are endless! What I love about Mixology is the quality of their clothing. Whenever I order anything online, I am always so hesitant to press the 'confirm order' button. Not only are you risking the item not fitting properly, you are also risking the item being cheaply made. Now owning a few pieces from Mixology, I know that whenever I order something from their website, I will never be disappointed with the fit or quality. I paired this lace up blouse with a pair of faux suede flared pants, platforms and a tied scarf around my neck. Of course I was going for that 70's influence, I mean why not take advantage of this groovy trend while it is happening? I am starting to pull in those warm colors and textures into my wardrobe like these chestnut suede pants. Fall is a season that we can experiment with nostalgic trends, textures and prints. What is your favorite Fall trend this season?

Shop my look below:

PhotographyLoretta Richert

Top: Mixology
Pants: Forever 21

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