Thursday, November 26, 2015


The stores are planning, the temperatures are dropping, tensions are rising for the biggest event of the year... BLACK FRIDAY! Dun dun duuun! Some of us dread running around in the retail circus looking for the latest deals, but for you adrenaline junkies getting ready for this day, what are you going to wear??

  There are two things to consider for this shopping phenomenon: 1. Comfort and 2. Style. I found the perfect way to dress to impress on this day, thanks to Charlotte Russe! A big no, no on this crazy day, is a skirt or a dress. Time to get our game faces on, if we are going to run through aisles we need pants that we can move in and fast! So for this exciting event, I grabbed a pair of black denim overalls. If you are one of those early birds who like to camp out, overalls are easy to throw on and they make you look effortlessly put together! For the chilly weather in the morning, I threw on a classic, lightweight trench. To finish the look, I grabbed a pair of slip on sneakers! Do not even think about wearing sandals, flip-flops or wedges, unless you are okay with the chance of your new pedicure being stepped on! During your shopping experience, stay away from oversized purses. I kept it simple with a small, cross-body purse. That way the bag will not get in the way for myself and other shoppers around me. All in all, have fun with your Black Friday look, but remember to stay as comfortable as possible. It is all about strategizing for this big day. I am wishing you all a safe and satisfying Black Friday! Happy shopping!
*This blog post does not condone frantic shopping behavior unless it is the last pair of shoes in your size ;)

Photography: Loretta Richert

Overalls: *c/o Charlotte Russe
Trench: *c/o Charlotte Russe
Sneakers: *c/o Charlotte Russe

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