Friday, January 1, 2016


What I love most about the holidays is an excuse to dress to up and reflect on the previous year. During this season sequins and faux fur are making a huge comeback and I am about to take full advantage of these trends while I can. For this holiday party look, I was inspired by the glam of the roaring 20’s...

This sequined black romper caught my eye the most when looking for something to portray this inspired party look. Because the romper is a little flashy, it is important to style the accessories with just the right amount of jewelry. I kept the jewelry minimal and all silver. I also grabbed a minimal faux leather clutch with a chain trim to keep all of my necessities in. The sequined romper speaks for itself and I do not want to take away from it with too many accessories.  To stay warm on the colder nights, I threw on this amazing black faux fur lightweight coat. This coat is a must if you want to be crowned best dressed at any holiday party! To finish off the look I put on a pair of pointed suede lace up heels. Whenever I am at a party, I like to wear cute heels but I also want to be comfortable. These heels have answered all of my shoes prayers with a very small heel. I can walk around for hours and not even realize that I am in dressy chic heels. Thank you Charlotte Russe! Holiday parties are a good excuse to dress up and where statement items. Turn heads this season in faux fur and lots of sequins!

Now time to reflect on a huge year in my life...
I will consider 2015 a year of major turning points; From my career, to relationships, to personal growth and to new adventures. Being in my early 20's and turning 23 in a less than a week, it can be a bit scary making huge steps in your life to grow as a person. It almost seems like whatever decision you make in your life right now, will be the outcome of your future. This past year I pursued my career more than ever. Fashion has always been a true love to me, and I am so proud of being confident in myself and doing my best to make positive decisions in the direction I want my life to go in with this intimidating industry. I have come to realize that I am in a time in my life where it is okay to be a little selfish and pick and choose who enters my life and surrounding myself with positive and inspiring people. In these past 365 days, I have met some truly amazing and influential individuals. Individuals who are goal driven and who push you to be the best person I can be. I have reconnected with people who I may have lost contact with in the past, and put my beautiful family first. I have learned to actually listen to my parents and take their advice whenever needed. Parents actually know what they are talking about...who would have thought?? ;) I am no longer scared to be alone or some would say the dreaded six letter word...s.i.n.g.l.e. Sometimes you have to take the time to invest in yourself first, before you can take the time to invest in somebody else. So currently I am dating myself, unless Harry Styles appeared and gave me his number lol. Girl, there is nothing wrong with being alone, and it does not mean you are lonely! Going into the new year, I will be moving into my own place in my favorite city with one of my best friends, I will be pursuing my blog more than ever, I will be working with such an amazing E-Commerce company (Love Culture) and with some amazing/creative people, I will learn to love myself in every aspect of life and the special individuals around me and to live in the present! I am wishing everyone an exciting and growing 2016 and thank you for supporting my passion and growth with my blog. Cheers to new beginnings and adventures!!

Photography: Loretta Richert

Romper: *c/o Charlotte Russe
Outerwear: *sold out
Heels: *c/o Charlotte Russe
Clutch: *c/o Charlotte Russe

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  1. Obsessed with your romper. Love this party look. Happy New Year.