Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Every girl knows it is a must to have a go-to LBD, but what they don't know is a little black & white striped dress should be in their closet always! There is something about a striped, classic silhouette dress that keeps it timeless forever. It is like my friends at Wonderland Honolulu saw my wardrobe and knew exactly what I was missing before sending this dress over...

  Right when I opened their package, I immediately dove in and fell in love with this striped classic. The first word that came to mind when trying on this dress was PARIS and let the styling begin from there! I first grabbed my new everyday booties from Forever 21, no really when I say everyday I am being 100% honest! They have not come off of my feet, and I am more than okay with the circumstances. One of my favorite trends at the moment, is the early 70's retro movement that is happening. The retro boots, the hats, the coats, I can't get enough of it as you can tell above! To layer this look, I put on this mustang suede coat from the online retailer Love Culture.  To accessorize, I kept it simple and added this retro hat from Nasty Gal. What is your favorite way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe? Shop my look below:

Dress: Wonderland Honolulu
Mustang Coat: Love Culture
Shoes: Forever 21
Hat: Nasty Gal